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12 January 2020

 It was a super win for our former Equestrix Cia and her owner/rider Taylor as they blasted to the top of the leaderboard in the NAL/WIHS Child-Adult Jumper Classic TWO weeks in a row! Such a great pair and team behind them and a wonderful way to start the new year!!

26 November 2019

 Many congratulations going out to our former Equestrix Cent and his rider Dominic and their team at Beacon Hill for an outstanding first ever medal finals season! They first started with taking the win in the North American JR EQ Championships at CC. Their following success came with dominating day 1 of USET Finals with a high score of 98 making them the ones to watch heading into the second and final day to which they then ended up making it into the very final round where they ended up as 4th overall in that final as well as Cent being awarded the Grappa trophy for best horse in the competition! Their final achievement in the awards circle coming from a 2nd place in the WIHS Hunter Phase together leaving them in 3rd place overall in the final! We are so immensely proud of this duo and with Cent's owner/rider Dominic who stepped up to the Big Eq division this year fantastically and proved himself and his talents amongst the vast seasoned Big EQ/Young Rider competitors they faced in every venue that they attended! Many congratulations and appreciative thanks especially to Stacia and her team at Beacon Hill for their great training and care provided to Cent and Dominic from day 1 that made this pair ones to watch from the beginning! Certainly much more to see of these two and their team in the years to come! 

05 November 2019

 Super proud of our former Equestrix Klinton for stepping in last minute as a replacement catch ride for barn mate Catalina at Maclay Finals! These two did such a fantastic job together that they advanced through two rounds of the finals and unfortunately due to a tack issue they did not make it further but their story and their achievements from this final are surely never to be forgotten and we are so happy for them and their team to be getting incredible recognition from this greatly deserved accomplishment and of course to (Klinton) for making his Maclay debut a fantastic one for the many who are involved! As always a huge shout out and congratulations to Stacia and her team at Beacon Hill for their incredible guidance throughout this whole ordeal and their fantastic work and care that they provide to (Klinton) year round in resulting with this great achievement and of course to his great owners for giving this opportunity to their fellow teammate! So much respect for them all and proud to have them apart of our Equestrix family!